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  Facebook For Business - 3. Help Others To Help You  

Its great to get "Shares" for your posts on Facebook.

It can multiply the number of people that you are reaching with your marketing message many times over.

One way of achieving this is simple - post good content.

Information that will appeal to both your target audience and that of your potential "Sharers".

Relevant, up-to-date, interesting and if possible accompanied by a great photo.

Also linked to some good website content.

For example - I maintain a comprehensive "What's On In St Ives" web page - and regularly post the latest events in town on my Facebook page - with a nice picture - and a link to the more detailed listings.

This always gets a good response for a simple reason - people are interested in what's going on and like to know about events that they might enjoy.

Case Study:

St Ives Jazz Club stages top class modern jazz in town every week through the year.

They have a good website and Facebook page - always up to date with the latest gigs and with useful practical information about tickets prices, how to get to the venue and so on.

That may seem fairly obvious - but you'd be amazed how many people fail to include all the relevant information in their publicity - prices, venue - even sometimes the date and time !

The club also send me regular emails with a full schedule, details of performers and text copy for each gig. Plus - importantly - they take the trouble to attach good quality photos of the musicians. This means I can post these easily - straight from a folder on my laptop - without having to trawl around the Net looking for the right pics and info.

I regularly post or re-post their latest gigs on my own St Ives Facebook page and I'm pleased to do so. Its a classic win-win situation. I get some good content that will appeal to my target audience - residents and visitors to St Ives. They get a bit of free publicity - and maybe sell a few extra tickets as a result. Plus - they make it easy for me to do so !

Check out:
OneStIves - Facebook
St Ives Jazz Club - Facebook

Lessons Learned:
Online - on websites, Facebook or any other platform - content is king. If you post good stuff Shares on other Facebook pages will follow naturally.

I'm a qualified (British Computer Society) IT professional - but I'm no geek. As well as online marketng I specialise in Business Analysis and Project Management. I can help you to clarify your requirements using a number of techniques - including Business Modelling, Mind Mapping, Stakeholder Analysis, Creative Brainstorming and more.

Or - simply by talking to you about your business and your aims !

How I Can Help Your Business   People That I'm Working With
I can offer a number of services to help you to market your business effectively online - and get ahead of the competition !   I am helping a number of businesses and organisations with their Facebook, Social Media and Online Marketing - including:
  • One to One Tutorials
  • Telephone Support
  • Consultancy Support
  • Facebook Page Setup
  • Facebook Page Enhancement
  • Facebook Content
  • Other Social Media - Twitter etc.
Get in touch for more information - Steve:
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St Ives Jazz Club
St Ives Jazz Club - © Tony Brown
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