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  Facebook For Business - 1. What Are You Trying To Achieve ?  

Before you start using Facebook to promote your business - take a step back.

Its not about Facebook - or Twitter - or any other online technology.
Its all about your business !

Review your business objectives. Regardless of anything online - what exactly are you trying to achieve ? A higher profile through marketing, more sales, fewer but better sales, finding business partners, building relationships with existing customers, finding new customers ... ?

Then review your business priorities - what are the most important objectives right now.
What is going deliver the best returns from an online marketing push ?

You can then focus your attention on that - otherwise you might waste a lot of time posting lots of stuff online but not actually achieving very much.

Case Study:

St Ives Band Bus operate a luxury double decker rock 'n roll tour bus. Twelve sleeping berths, two luxury lounges, kitchen, beer fridge, plasma TVs, sound systems ... the lot. All that a hard working band on tour needs and expects.

But when it came to planning an online marketing strategy - a little business analysis really helped. Key business objective - getting more bookings. Also - getting better bookings - longer tours - arena tours - European tours.

Key question - who books band buses - who should we be aiming at ? Bands, roadies, sound engineers, band managers, promoters, music venues, record companies ...... ?

The answer is interesting. None of the above (on the whole) actually book band buses.

Tour Managers book band buses ! Plus - a band that can't afford to book a tour manager can't generally afford to book a tour bus.

All of our online marketing efforts have since been aimed at that one group. A hard-working and hard-nosed bunch (they have to be) who appreciate a straightforward approach and are pretty much immune to any marketing trickery. Their needs are generally fairly simple - value for money, total reliability and above all .. get the band to the venue on time - at all costs - no matter what happens. That's the heart of our marketing message - and its working.

Check out:
St Ives Band Bus - Facebook
St Ives Band Bus - Website

Lessons Learned:
Identify your target audience as precisely as you can. Otherwise you might waste a lot of time (and money) targeting the wrong people. You might get lots of "Likes" and "Shares" from lots of Followers - who will never actually buy anything from you.

I'm a qualified (British Computer Society) IT professional - but I'm no geek. As well as online marketng I specialise in Business Analysis and Project Management. I can help you to clarify your requirements using a number of techniques - including Business Modelling, Mind Mapping, Stakeholder Analysis, Creative Brainstorming and more.

Or - simply by talking to you about your business and your aims !

How I Can Help Your Business   People That I'm Working With
I can offer a number of services to help you to market your business effectively online - and get ahead of the competition !   I am helping a number of businesses and organisations with their Facebook, Social Media and Online Marketing - including:
  • One to One Tutorials
  • Telephone Support
  • Consultancy Support
  • Facebook Page Setup
  • Facebook Page Enhancement
  • Facebook Content
  • Other Social Media - Twitter etc.
Get in touch for more information - Steve:
01736 797 122


St Ives Web Design Client - St Ives Band Bus
St Ives Web Design Client - St Ives Band Bus
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